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Clean and Green Mall

In tandem with the acknowledgment of Suria Sabah Shopping Mall from the KK City Mayor as a Clean & Green Mall, we will adopt other features to make our shopping complex more environmentally friendly.
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Going Cashless

We are implementing a cashless solution for our parking system to reduce carbon footprints generated by the manufacturing process. A small step can be a huge step in saving our planet. Cashless is the future.
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To go as a cleaner and greener mall, a magnitude approach will be made such as working together with various partners to raise public awareness and widen reach to more consumers.
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Energy Saving Chiller

In the future, we will be upgrading our existing cooling system into an eco-friendly one that is more efficient, less carbon emission, and less environmental impact.
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Food Waste Machine

It is our environmental responsibility to install food waste machines and become the eco-pioneer in the city as an exemplary mall. This composting solution is sustainable and it helps to reduce waste volume, decrease disposal costs, and create a nutrient-rich, reusable end product
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Recycle Bin Location

Recycle Bins are placed at different floors in the mall to encourage our tenants and shoppers to be aware of the importance of recycle, reuse and reduce.